Stealthy Voice Recording Pen!
Stealthy Voice Recording Pen!
Stealthy Voice Recording Pen!
Stealthy Voice Recording Pen!
Stealthy Voice Recording Pen!
Stealthy Voice Recording Pen!
Stealthy Voice Recording Pen!
Stealthy Voice Recording Pen!
Stealthy Voice Recording Pen!
Stealthy Voice Recording Pen!
Stealthy Voice Recording Pen!

Stealthy Voice Recording Pen!

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Need to record problematic discussions at work? This stealthy little pen easily records people within a 40' range. The pen writes and functions like a NORMAL pen so you wont arise suspicion. Use it to gather evidence, dictation or for record keeping.

Our customers have used it to record classroom presentations, speeches, conversations and anything audible you can think of! It's so nice to be able to go back over a conversation to fill in the blanks. 

Package Includes:
    Spy Pen, 8GB Memory, Manual, Earphones, & USB Cable


  • HIGH QUALITY MULTIPURPOSE PEN - Not also your ordinary writing pen, but a voice recorder and MP3 player.The Voice Recorder Pen is an all-purpose device that records voice, meetings, conversations, surveillance, and other significant situations. Longest recording distance up to 50ft while you're up to 40ft away or to record quiet, discreet conversations.( Note: For Mac user, please download VLC PLAYER ).
  • SIMPLE TO USE - Not like other voice recorder pens, this voice recorder is pretty simple to use. One key for recording and saving files makes it EASY to use.
  • LONGEST BATTERY LIFE AND QUICK CHARGE - The built-in high capacity rechargeable lithium battery allows seamless enjoyment of recordings for up to 8 hours and continuous 16 hours recording with a quick charge of only 30 minutes.
  • NOISE REDUTION FUNTION - Equipped with high quality noise reduction function, you can enjoy crystal clear recordings. Wear the voice recorder on your pocket or collar and it picks up all interactions nicely.
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY - With 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty and 30 days no-questions-asked return policy. Value for money guaranteed, 

More Geeky Stuff:

  • Record Audio Format: WAV,MP3
  • Playback Formats: APE,MP3,FLAC,WAV,OGG
  • Memory: 8 GB
  • Model Number: P11SG
  • Package: Yes
  • Brand Name: TORTOYO
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 135mm*11.8mm
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